Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Go To 21 Day Fix Grocery List

Ahhh Sunday!!! For so many people, including myself. Today is a day to prep for the week. Now before i start, I am not one that gets crazy into prep. Yes, my schedule is crazy, but i do have some flexibility. Here is how i plan:

I plan around my schedule. If i know that i am going to be on the road most of the day or out of the house and busy, i prep for that day so i am not grabbing on the go or snacking along the way.
My general prep plan is washing and chopping fresh veggies to get ready to cook them on the day i plan to eat them. Washing and chopping fruit so it’s easy to grab and go. As well as baking chicken in bulk for salads, wraps or even just a meal.

Honestly, i keep my meal prep super simple. So of course, i keep my grocery list really simple as well. Every week i go shopping, this is the BASIC list i go off of. If my family requests a special meal during the week or i plan on trying a new recipe so that i can blog it (i try to do one a week) then i add to the list. — Of course, i add things for my son to snack on as well as take to school with him!

I am gearing up to start another round of 21 Day Fix this month. ** it’s JUST the right amount of time before i have to try on my wedding dress again for another fitting. If you are following my journey at all, you know i tried on my dress 9 weeks ago and it was way too small! EEEK. So i have until June 7th or else it has to be taken out. And i don’t want it taken out, i mean I HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER!!! I CAN DO IT.

If you want to join me in our private group as i do it for extra accountability and fun, Fill out the form below! I love having people to do it with for accountability!

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