Friday, May 19, 2017


Mother’s Day is on Sunday and this easy low carb peanut cluster recipe is for all the mothers out there, past, present, and future. The mothers whose kids are grown and long out of the house, the mothers who are in the trenches right now, changing diapers and herding kids to soccer practice, and the mothers that are still dreaming of their children to be. As one of the mother’s who is in the trenches at the moment, I have a thing or to to say about this here holiday. So listen up, kids. I am going to tell you what your mother really wants. You may be thinking fancy gifts and flowers and breakfast in bed. But it doesn’t have to be so complicated or expensive. While a visit to the spa is really nice and I wouldn’t say no to it, it’s also not necessary. Here’s what mama REALLY wants this Mother’s Day:

Acknowledge that mama of yours. Cards, letters, or phone calls are required if you’re not in her immediate vicinity. Kisses on the cheek and an “I love you, Mama, you’re the best” is standard protocol if you are nearby.
Give her some peace! If you’re still in your childhood or adolescence, refrain from fighting with your siblings for the day. That right there might be the greatest gift of all time.
Give her some time to herself. Spouses, this one is on you. Give her time off, tell her to go shopping or for a long walk, let her do whatever she wants to do for the day. Take the kids off her hands and just let her rest and breathe and have some space. If your kids are really young and are the sort to follow her to the bathroom, you have to run some serious interference.
Make things easy for her. If breakfast in bed means she will need to clean up after you, wiping up spilled milk and flour, DO NOT DO IT. I repeat, DO NOT MAKE HER BREAKFAST IN BED IF YOU CAN’T CLEAN UP THE MESS YOUR OWN DAMN SELF! Taking her out to brunch is an excellent alternative.

Make her something homemade. Cards or picture frames or paper flowers. This is especially important for the wee ones. I treasure my homemade kiddo gifts more than anything else. Almost all the other paper things and art projects that come home from school get tossed in the recycling bin, but the ones made especially for mama on Mother’s Day? Those will be with me forever.
And most important of all, give her peanut butter and chocolate. This is a hard and fast rule in my house. Don’t even speak to me on Mother’s Day if you don’t have some low carb peanut butter and chocolate treat on offer. (But if your mama prefers a different flavour, give her that instead…I am a little flexible on this!).
Here’s why this sugar-free keto treat is absolutely perfect for Mother’s Day. Because it’s so ridiculously easy to make that even the little ones can get involved. If they’re old enough like mine, they can even throw it together themselves (with a little supervision, perhaps) AND clean up after themselves (clean up will inevitably mean them licking out the bowl so they may need a shower afterwards). And it’s homemade, so you’ve basically covered rules 4, 5, and 6 above. With this one little recipe, you’ve got half of Mother’s Day already covered! And by using Lily’s Milk Chocolate (or dark chocolate, if you prefer), it’s a guilt-free indulgence.
These 3 ingredient peanut clusters are actually my low carb take on the famous CrockPot Candy, but they aren’t made in a slow cooker. I seriously don’t see the point of that crockpot candy, to be honest. Here’s why…it’s so insanely easy to melt chocolate in a double boiler. By using your crockpot, you’re adding hours to a process that takes about 5 minutes. Plus then you dirty your slow cooker. By using a boil set over a pan of simmering water, you’ve got your hot clean up water right there, ready to clean out the bowl. After your kids have licked it entirely clean first, of course.

Make mama happy this Mother’s Day. Give her time, space, some love, and peanut butter and chocolate!

Preparation 0:40 Cook Time 0:00 Serves 24     ADJUST SERVINGS
These 3 ingredient peanut clusters are so easy to make, even your kids can do it! A perfect low carb keto treat for Mother's Day. 


  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 6 ounces sugar-free milk chocolate
  • 10 ounces salted peanuts


  1. Set a heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water. Add the peanut butter and the chocolate and stir until melted and smooth.
  2. Add the peanuts and stir to coat well. Drop by rounded spoonfuls onto a waxed paper lined baking sheet and chill until firm, about 30 minutes. (You can make them as big or as small as you like. I made mine into 24 clusters.)


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