Tuesday, March 29, 2016

30 Lower Carb Snack Ideas

Snacks can be an important part of any diet but especially one for diabetes.  Snacks can help stabilize blood glucose and prevent hypoglycemia.  Here is a list of 30 lower carb snacks to help get you started.  (Some of these are substantial enough to be a meal). Feel free to add crackers or fruit if you need a few extra carbs.  Enjoy!

1.  Ham  and cheese roll ups- take a piece of string cheese and place on a thin slice of ham and roll up- add low carb ranch or honey mustard dressing as desired

2.  Lettuce and chicken salad roll up

3.  Lettuce and pimento & cheese roll up

4.  Celery and peanut butter

5.  Cottage cheese- either alone or as a dip with veggies

6.  Toasted pecans

7.  Ricotta cheese- either alone or mix in seasonings to make a dip for cut-up veggies

8.  Lettuce and tuna salad roll up

9.  Salmon dip with veggie sticks

10.  String cheese

11.  Hard boiled egg

12.  Vegetable soup

13.  Stuffed mushrooms (stuff with veggies, cheese, seasonings)

14.  Stuffed summer squash (stuff with squash mixed with lean sausage, seasonings such as savory or tarragon)

15.  Ranch dressing with veggies

16.  Vegetable juice

17.  Oven fried okra poppers (dip okra in egg then dust with parmesan cheese and bake)

18.  Tomato soup

19.  Trail mix (make your own with nuts and coconut)

30 lower carb snack ideas

20.  Mozzarella cheese ball, cherry tomato and basil leaf kabob

21.  Spinach salad with bacon

22.  Bell peppers stuffed with chopped roast beef and cheese- melt cheese under broiler

23.  Chef’s salad- top with chopped meat, bacon, cheese, dressing

24.  Melt a slice of cheese on a slice of Canadian bacon

25.  Soy nuts

26.  Avocado dip- use veggie sticks for dippers

27.  Almonds

28.  Cherry tomatoes with dressing

29.  Greek Salad

30.  Boiled shrimp

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