Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Things You Can Do Every Morning to Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

It’s a never-ending battle. Controlling glucose levels can be an overwhelming task that can easily be pushed aside by the stresses of everyday living. Stop and regroup.  You must control glucose levels over the long-term in order to maintain health in the years ahead.  Let’s take a look at 5 things that will help you get on that path to future good health.

1. Use your glucometer.
The information you get each time you check your glucose level is a valuable tool.  It can help you plan the rest of your day by adjusting your meals and exercise plans.  It can also provide your health care provider with important facts that will help them adjust your diabetes care plan.  If you don’t currently check your  glucose levels, ask your health professional for guidance in frequency of testing and recommended ranges. Take a few moments each morning to check your glucose levels.

2.  Take a walk.  
For many people, the morning offers the best time of the day to fit in an exercise routine.  Check with your health professional to get clearance to exercise and for help planning an ideal regimen. Exercise helps lower glucose levels by making your cells more sensitive to your own insulin.  If you need some motivation to stick with your routine, ask a friend to join you or consider adopting a dog from the animal shelter.  It is hard to say no when you see your furry friend begging for a walk!

3.  Eat breakfast.
Did you know that your first meal of the day can help prevent highs or lows later in the day?  Having a balanced breakfast including protein and moderate amounts of proper carbohydrate can help stabilize glucose levels and keep sugar cravings at bay later in the day.  Many types of glucose lowering medications work more efficiently when meals and snacks are spaced evenly throughout the day.

4.  Check your feet.
Inspect your feet each day for small cuts, blisters, sores and other problems.  Make sure your doctor is aware of any issues you may be having with your feet so they can make sure these places heal properly.  Ask your health professional for foot care tips to help keep your feet in good shape. They may also recommend special shoes designed to help protect your feet.

5.  Plan your day.
Taking just a few minutes each day to plan out your meals is one of the keys to success.  Think about your options for meals you will have away from home. (You can do this during your morning walk.) Go online and check the carbs in your favorite restaurant meal so you will know ahead of time what to choose.  Here is a blog post I made which has links to nutrition info for many popular restaurants. You might also use this time to pack a healthy lunch and include a few snacks for later.

Take charge of your diabetes by tweaking your morning routine to include a few things that will take only a few moments to complete.  Check out my diabetes and health resource toolkit.  It contains links to lots of reliable (many free) diabetes and health info tools you may find helpful.  Be sure to read this more in-depth article I wrote on Type 2 diabetes management too.  Taking good care of yourself will yield health benefits that can pay off for many years!

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