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A delicious tasting and thick layered sugar free coconut flour cake recipe. Toss in some egg whites in place of whole eggs, and you’ll have a super moist cake on your hands.

It may surprise some people to know that I’m not a huge cake fan. My biggest issue being I don’t like really sweet cake, or sweet frosting. So when my birthday comes around every year, I usually don’t ask for a cake. But I’m okay eating a muffin in place of it.

And since my birthday is a month away, I decided that maybe I should try to create my own coconut flour cake recipe.

Specifically, one that isn’t too sweet. And maybe it would be something I’d actually enjoy eating when the occasion arises.

Not only that but why not make it a layer cake? It sounded like a good idea to me! Because I wanted to try my first coconut flour cake as a layer, I used two 9-inch cake pans.

Of course, you can opt to just bake two separate cakes or halve the recipe. But keep in mind that the recipe and nutrition labels are based on two cakes. I do not include a frosting recipe as part of this post, but you can try a Low Carb Chocolate Buttercream Frosting in place of it.

Sugar Free Coconut Flour CakeSave
The cake is flavored to taste like a coconut flour vanilla cake. The vanilla isn’t overpowering in taste, so there is some room to play with this in the future. What I like about this cake is that it does remind me of cake.

I couldn’t tell it was made with coconut flour, which was a pleasant surprise. A piece of cake, no matter how big or small, is extremely filling thanks to the high fiber content.

And unlike my coconut flour cookies recipe, I decided to play around using egg whites in this recipe. I’ve been finding that egg whites give a nice fluffy look and taste to baked goods using coconut flour. But you have to be careful because you still need whole eggs to help keep the cake from falling apart.

The recipe does call for a lot more butter than usual. That’s because the recipe needed more fats in place of using egg whites. Plus, it is for two thick layer cakes after all. If you plan on trying to use whole eggs, then keep in mind that you will need to reduce the amount of butter in the recipe.

Sugar Free Coconut Flour CakeSave
Keep in mind that not all coconut flour brands are the same. However, this shouldn’t impact the recipe significantly. I use the Nutiva brand of coconut flour. If you haven’t tried baking with coconut flour yet and are unsure, you can always buy a 1lb bag of coconut flour to try it out first before buying larger quantities.

I recommend actually using a food scale to measure. I’ve started doing that in recent months, and my recipes always turn out the same. I use just a cheap food scale that I found on Amazon a couple years ago.

This recipe can easily be adapted to a chocolate coconut flour cake by adding cocoa powder. Yet, I have not tried it myself. So I’m sure I’ll post an updated recipe soon!

Recipe type: Cakes Cuisine: American
Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  45 mins

1½ cup coconut flour
¾ cup Swerve sweetener
1½ tsp salt
1½ tsp baking powder
¼tsp + ⅛tsp baking soda
½ tbsp vanilla extract
1½ cup egg whites
3 eggs, large
3 sticks of butter, unsalted
Preheat oven to 350 degrees F, and grease two cake pans with butter.
In a large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients of coconut flour, Swerve sweetener, salt, and baking powder.
In another bowl, mix together the wet ingredients of vanilla extract, egg whites, eggs, and butter. When well mixed, add the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and whisk well. (If using a blender, a low-medium blend is good.)
Fill the two cake pans with approx 3½ cups each of batter. Bake for 30 minutes or until lightly browned on the sides.
Let completely cool before adding the frosting. Serves best at room temperature, or even after being refrigerated.

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