Friday, February 19, 2016

Tips for Dealing with Diabetes | Caregiver Tips

Marty was diagnosed with diabetes (Type 2) a few years ago. He used to be very active and in shape but after a back injury that resulted in permanent nerve damage, he’s now disabled.  Being disabled has resulted in some health issues including diabetes.  When he was first diagnosed, we did a lot of research on tips for dealing with diabetes. Neither of us had any experience with the disease in the past and learning about it was an eye opener.

Diabetes is really about a lot more than just your blood sugar. I had no idea that it could result in so many different health problems. Diabetes is a metabolic disease where your body cannot produce any (or enough) insulin to regulate your blood sugar. Some people can control it with diet, some with medication and some with insulin shots. Marty takes several prescriptions to control his diabetes and the doctor has warned us to be aware of these issues especially as he ages:
Heart Disease – People with diabetes can have a higher instance of heart disease. Following a heart healthy diet and watching your sugar intake is very important. Marty also takes fish oil to help keep his heart healthy.

Vision Problems – Diabetes can cause blindness and other vision problems. It’s important to have your eyes checked regularly. Marty wears glasses and he sees his eye doctor to monitor any changes in his vision.
Foot Problems – The doctor stressed how important it was to check Marty’s feet regularly for infections or blood flow issues. He applies lotion to his feet each day as he checks for any cuts or problems.

Skin Problems – One of the first problems of diabetes is often skin sores and itching.  Marty uses the Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Advanced Repair Lotion (fragrance free) on his arms and feet to care for them.
Dental Disease – Proper attention to your teeth and gums is important since diabetes can cause gingivitis and periodontitis. Make sure to have regular check ups and cleanings by your dentist.

As a caregiver, part of my job is to help Marty deal with his diabetes. I make sure that he has the tools and information he needs to make good decisions and take care of himself. I try to cook heart healthy meals that he’ll enjoy and keep healthy snacks on hand.

Diabetes really can have a huge impact on your life but following these tips for dealing with diabetes will help you be aware of any potential problems. I picked up the Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Advanced Repair Lotion for Marty at Walmart and he’s really impressed with how moisturizing it is. I love the fact that it has healing qualities and that it helps heal dry skin in just 5 days. Marty doesn’t like lotions with fragrance so this is a great option for him to use. Of course, if you’re like me and you like scent in your lotion, there is a lightly scented version as well.

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